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Make selling easier by automating reaching out to leads on various platforms



So how does this System work?

Saving you time with workflow management and assisting your business in thriving in a highly competitive online environment


To generate leads and clients, identify your target audience and create targeted marketing campaigns. Convert leads into sales appointments through effective follow-up techniques. Turn those sales appointments into paying clients with a clear sales pitch and understanding of customer needs. Follow a proven blueprint for consistent results.


Instead of relying on networking events, seminars, or referrals to get clients, get high quality leads 100% online. This method allows you to reach a larger and more targeted audience, increasing your chances of getting new clients and growing your business. By utilizing online marketing strategies and tactics, you can generate leads and close deals without ever having to leave your office.


Stop wasting time on calls with uninterested prospects. Pre-qualify leads to ensure you only speak with those who actually want to work with you. This will save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on closing deals with qualified leads rather than chasing after uninterested parties. By pre-qualifying leads, you can maximize your chances of success and grow your business more efficiently.

Does this sound like you?

I require more qualified leads and sales.

My competitors consistently stay online but we don't.

To handle our own marketing would take too much time.

We are aware that we require assistance, yet our previous agency let us down.

What our existing agency is doing is unclear to us.

For our digital advertising, we want a higher return on investment.

We don't appear in Google search results for our important keywords.

We have no idea how many visitors or leads our website is receiving.

Everything was going nicely until our leads stopped suddenly pouring in.

We want to outperform our competitors.

Free Training

Improve your sales performance with our Funnel Strategies Program, a comprehensive training that provides a proven system for consistently generating a significant number of leads and appointments on a monthly basis. To get measurable results, just follow the training videos and put in the work.



"I recently purchased the lead gen funnel strategy from pakashum.com and I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the results. The training provided was easy to follow and the techniques outlined have already led to an increase in leads for my business. The customer support team was also incredibly helpful, answering all of my questions and providing additional resources to ensure my success. I highly recommend this strategy to any business looking to generate more leads and grow their customer base."

Matthew Jones

CEO @GeneralContractors

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